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This website was created solely for the purpose of spreading Torah across the world. The project of publishing these seforim in electronic form is borne by myself, and in no way does it represent the views of the authors and the administration. Most of the seforim found here are authored by my Rebbe, Rabbi Menashe Klein shlita, and I have been associated in the past with disseminating them.

Use of the texts and PDF files is designed for private and educational use, but does not permit storing them in any form for public use. Printing small sections is permitted on condition that it is not sold. All the seforim and texts found here are copyrighted by Halacha and international law, which will be strongly enforced.

I would like to thank Mr. Chaim Rosenberg of hebrewbooks.org who scanned all the seforim to PDF format, and to all the others that helped making this mission a success.

May Hashem give me the merit to further publish and distribute seforim for many years to come.

Gedaliah Whitman

Baltimore, Maryland

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